Precision Custom Detailing -
Why should I get my car detailed?
Detailing is much more than just making your car look good.  It is a process in which great care is taken while making your car look its best.  When you get your car detailed, it gets "pampered" in order to make it look its best.  Detailing involves extra cleaning and protecting of all areas of your vehicle.  Detailing involves hand washing, paint correction, polishing, sealing, waxing, and protecting.  
Why does my car look like it's all scratched up?
Look at your vehicle's finish in the sunlight.  See the swirls, they look like spiderwebs.  Those are very fine scratches in the paints clear coat, refracting the sunlight to bring out the scratch.  They are put there by improper washing techniques, drying techniques, and maintenance.  Part of the detailing process is removing those scratches and swirls from your paint.
What is claying?
Claying is a cleaning process that utilizes detailing clay to rid the painted surface of all contaminates, most of which are not seen by the naked eye.  These include brake dust, over spray, and environmental contaminates that bond to your vehicle's surface.  Run your hand over the surface, the tiny bumps you feel are these contaminates.  Claying removes these contaminates, and brings the surface to a smooth as glass feel.  The removal of the contaminates reflect the light much clearer, which makes the polish and finishing layers more reflective to light, making your vehicle shine.
How long with the wax last?
Waxing your vehicle will provide protection for about 3-4 months.  Applying a paint sealant will provide protection for about 6-9 months.
How often should I get my vehicle detailed?
Your vehicle should typically be detailed every 6 months.  
How can I take care of my vehicle between detailing?
You should wash your vehicle every 1-2 weeks in order to keep it looking good.  You should not go through automatic car washes, as they can put scratches on your surface from the brushes or cloth used to wipe the surface.  You should never use dish soap to wash your vehicle.  These contain detergents that will strip the wax or sealants from the surface.
Do you offer a discount if you detail my car and provide maintenance washes?
Yes.  If you get your vehicle detailed, I can set up a maintenance wash plan between details at a 20% per maintenance wash discount. 
What is a mobile wash?
A mobile wash means I will come to you to wash your vehicle.  I use a rinseless wash system, therefore no hose is needed.  I can wash your vehicle with about a gallon and a half of water, which I will provide.  I can either come to your residence or your place of employment (provided permission is granted to do so by your employer).
Do you provide mobile detailing?
At this time I do not provide a mobile detailing package.  If you are interested in mobile detailing, just contact me and I can go over what mobile detailing services I can provide.
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